June 16, 2016

Service Pro

For production projects and mission critical deployments, support of BridgePoint Pro is available from One Fact.

Service Pro Access provides the following:

  • Private issue tracker for service requests
    • Includes public repository access
    • Protects customer-specific information
    • Provides convenient mechanism for prioritizing issues
  • Biweekly meetings with One Fact
    • Ensure close cooperation with One Fact
    • Influence the BridgePoint roadmap
    • Collaborate with One Fact team members
  • Rapid support for critical failures
    • Keep your engineers working productively
    • Reduce project risk

Service Pro Help provides the following:

  • Phone support
  • EmailĀ and online live chat support
  • Screen sharing
  • On-site supportĀ (by request)

Contact One Fact for details.